Helping authors to sell more books and increase their visibility online.

Are you worried about your book sales? Do you feel like marketing your stories will cost the world?

Marketing as a writer

I help authors like you to save time and money in your writer marketing.

Marketing your books is tough. I know, I’ve been there. You work hard trying to promote your books through social media but your efforts fall on deaf ears. Some days you want to give it all up and you resign yourself to a life in the day job.

There is another way though. I’ll guide you through the steps I took to become a best selling author.

I’ll work with you to develop a winning strategy which will stop you feeling overwhelmed, give you more time and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

  • Find your ideal reader
  • Simplify your marketing
  • Make profitable book sales
  • Climb the best-seller rankings

Book a coaching session today and let’s start working together.

Writer marketing strategy
Andy Slinger - Childrens Author

Writer Marketing

I’ve grown tired of seeing talented authors struggle to market their books and so I want to make a difference.

I take the headache out of marketing for writers like you and provide you with strategies, hints, tips and educational content to help your business grow.

As a writer, time is at a premium. I’ll help to simplify your writer marketing and give you the space you need so you can concentrate on writing your books.

Writer Marketing

I’m an award winning, best selling author, turned writer marketing expert.

Not only can I help you formulate a winning strategy, I’ll help you to..

  • Run profitable Amazon & facebook ads
  • Build an engaged e-mail list
  • Optimise your website for more sales
  • Help gain exposure in the media
  • Grow your social media following with engaged readers
Andy Slinger - Book Marketer

“I help authors like you to save time and money in your book marketing.”

Andy Slinger – Best-selling Author
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