What will life be like after UK lockdown?

I’ve already resigned myself to the fact there will be no holiday abroad this year and there’s unlikely to be a vacation in this country for some months time. I don’t really think restrictions will ever be fully eased and I’ve accepted that Covid is always going to be hanging around like a bad smell. But surely there is something to look forward to in the future? All the mainstream media predict doom and gloom and if you watch enough of the news then you’ll end up becoming a very depressed individual indeed.

I however have had enough of all that. I’m sick to death of hearing negativity and people telling me life will never be the same again. I am going to (from now onwards) have a positive attitude to all of this.

  • Things are going to get better!
  • We are going to see our friends again!
  • We will go out for a bite to eat and a drink with loved ones!
  • We will be able to take our children on a day out!
  • We will be able to cough in public without everyone diving out of the way in fear!
  • We will go on holiday!
  • We will get our lives back!
  • We will be happy!
  • We will escape UK lockdown!

Keep your chin up, smile, turn off the news and believe that it won’t be long until we will all meet up and have the best laugh we have for some time. Are you with me?

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