Email Marketing: 5 reasons to utilise this strategy

In the digital world Email is a comparative dinosaur, having been invented 50 years ago this year. It still however remains a powerhouse of the modern digital age and will not be disappearing anytime soon. If you want to build an amazing community and monetise your assets then Email Marketing should be front and centre of your strategy.

  1. Cost effective email marketing
  2. Traffic you own
  3. Automated email marketing
  4. Personalised email
  5. Demands attention

1. Cost effective Email marketing

Email Marketing software is ridiculously cheap with most platforms free until you hit 1000 subscribers, so there is no excuse to not give it a go. The price generally goes up incrementally, so the more subscribers you have, the more you’ll pay. Providing you make the most of the medium this will pay for itself 1000 times over. Check out services like Mailerlite, Mailchimp and Convertikit which are all great options.

2. Traffic you own

An e-mail list is the greatest asset you can own as a writer.

Instead of being reliant on borrowed Social Media platforms, this is your list and is described as traffic you own. If Facebook closed tomorrow, or you lost your account for one reason or another you’d still have your e-mail list. These people are to be cherished, nurtured and cared for. They are your tribe, your people and your community.

Anyone who gives their email address to you is showing a high level of interest in you and your books. They have come over to your platform and will listen to what you have to say. Keep providing value on a regular basis and they could be on your email list for years to come.

3. Automated Email marketing

This for me is one of the most exciting parts of email marketing. You can set up an opening sequence of emails so that when someone joins your list they get sent a series of emails as and when you decide, without you even having to click a button. It can be doing the work for you and making money while you sleep.

You can also set up triggers to be automated. So for example, if someone clicks a link in one of your emails, then another series of emails could automatically be sent out.

Alongside this you could link it to your online shop, sending customers an email if they show interest in a certain product or abandon their cart without paying (how dare they).

I even have an automated sequence for people who don’t open my emails. They are sent an email to ask if they really want to be a subscriber and if not then my system takes them off the list.

4. Personalised Email

Depending what information you ask for when someone subscribes to your subscriber list, or even the information you require later, you can personalise all your emails to each specific subscriber.

Your loyal followers may see their name in the subject of the email and you can address each email to them. This all helps you to create that deep connection and show your subscribers they really matter.

You can even set up an automation to wish them a Happy Birthday. Who wouldn’t love that?

5. Demands attention

When you send out 1000 emails, 1000 emails are sent to your followers. Of those 1000 emails, on average you’d estimate 40% are opened and read. So that’s 400 emails, that have had your subscribers’ undivided attention, without the social media scroll going on around them

Compare this to a platform such as Instagram where you’d be doing well if 10% saw your post, and even then might scroll right past it.

If you use exciting email headlines and your emails contain valuable content, then people will look forward to your next email. They will look out for the next one and it will demand their attention.


As a writer, why wouldn’t you want the opportunity to write personally to all your readers on a regular basis? Why wouldn’t you showcase your literary talents and show insight into your world?

Email marketing can help you build a tribe of loyal supporters who know, like and trust you. Treat them right and they will continue to support you through thick and thin (and even buy your books).

Invest time and effort in to email marketing now and it’ll serve you for years to come. And if you need help boosting your subscribers list, I’ve got just the article for you here…

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Andy is a best selling, award winning, children's author turned digital marketer. His expertise in book marketing is well sought after, he now helps authors to become best sellers too.

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