Author Collaborations, the ultimate how to guide.

Writing can be a very lonely passion. Countless hours are spent at the keyboard with only your own thoughts to keep you going. So when I talk about author collaborations this can seem rather daunting. However, if you want to boost your network and the reach of your books then this is a no brainer. I truly believe the author community is one of the most supportive and helpful group of people I’ve ever met. So get in touch with authors of a similar genre and see how you can help each other.

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Why not interview one another on your social media channels, not only is this great practice for when your books make you rich and famous, it also helps you reach a whole new audience. And, if you are collaborating with an author of the same genre, they are targeting the same audience.

Interviews can take the form of pre recorded video interviews, audio or even a live broadcast on Instagram or Facebook. If you’re really clever you can get up to four authors to join an Instagram live together. Why wouldn’t you use the opportunity to get four times the audience views?

Author Collaborations Articles

You’re a writer so why not write an article or a piece of content for a fellow author? You only need to write 500 to 1000 words and you’re helping someone else out whilst showcasing your talents.

If you don’t want to write a full article you can always contribute to an article. Imagine a blog article like this that includes multiple authors?

It doesn’t even need to be an article like this, why not collaborate on an Instagram or Facebook post. Make content for each other and share the workload.

Author collaborations content


Have you ever thought of taking over someone’s social media accounts for the day? This can really help to skyrocket interest in you.

This is particularly effective on Instagram stories and other video related platforms. You can easily batch create a load of stories, save them to your camera and send them to your collaborator. They can then share this content to their stories at regular intervals to create the illusion of a takeover.

Newsletter swaps

Why not mention a fellow author in your latest newsletter and let them return the favour? You can link to their book or a sign up form to their newsletter. You can never discount the power of recommendations.

There are now services like BookFunnel and Story Origin where you can find newsletter swaps and get involved in giveaways. Have you given them a try yet?

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Book reviews

We all know how important book reviews are to an author. But when was the last time you reviewed a fellow authors book?

Give one a read and post it all over your social media channels and maybe they can return the favour. Not only are you helping a fellow author out, but, you’re also showing your audience that you’re a reader too whilst building trust.


Why not organise an event with local authors, this could be a book fair, a series of workshops or some live readings. Some authors even coincide their book launches so they can do a big launch together for maximum impact.

You can even bring events online, you just need to be creative with your approach and always keep your audiences in mind.

Author Collaboration event

Author Collaborations Conclusion

These are just a handful of ways you can collaborate and there are many more out there. The more you work with others the more we will all grow.

Please let me know of any creative ideas you’ve got for new author collaborations and tell me if you’ve had any successful partnerships in the past.

I’d also love to show my commitment to collaborate with you guys. Tell me your best idea and I’ll choose the top 3 and collaborate with you over the next few weeks.

Just send me an email by clicking on this link.

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