How to promote a book on social media

how to promote a book on social media

You’ve poured your heart and soul into writing the best book you could possibly have written. But, to make it all worthwhile you could do with selling a few. The best advice you’ve received is to promote your book on social media. So here it is, the definitive article on how to promote a book on social media.

  1. Create shareable content
  2. Social media contests
  3. Author collaborations
  4. Use social influencers
  5. Consistency
  6. Produce a blog
  7. Create a Facebook group
  8. Connect with your readers
  9. Offer a freebie

1. Create shareable content

If you can get other social media users to share your posts it’s going to massively multiply the amount of views it gets. Try producing something controversial, funny, or something that teaches your audience something new. Have a think of the types of things you would share on your social media profiles then replicate this type of content.

The miracle is this: The more we share, the more we have…

2. Social Media contests

An easy way to get eyes on your book and create awareness of you as an author. Give away a signed copy or two of your book and/or other merchandise. Get other users to tag people and share your giveaway to get additional entries. I’d recommend a giveaway every couple of months and keep it fresh and exciting.

3. Author collaborations

Why wouldn’t you double the amount of eyeballs on your content? Make a social media post together, interview each other live on Instagram or review each others books. This is one of the best ways to promote your books on social media. Check this article I’ve written on collaborations for more details.

4. Social influencers

You can take a free or paid approach to promoting your content through influencers here. There are huge amounts of book bloggers with big social media followings. Get to know them and they may well read and promote your book for free. And if not, you can even pay some to do this. If they have the right audience this can be a fantastic tactic.

5. Consistency

Show up daily, or you’ll vanish into obscurity. If you’ve picked a couple of Social Media platforms, create a content plan (with different content on each) and schedule some content. Make sure you set aside a little time each day to engage with your followers and search for new ones. Never leave a comment without a reply, it’s just rude.

6. Produce a blog

A blog is the perfect way to showcase your talent and show your social media followers another side to you. All you need to do is direct your followers to your website. In my blogs I’ll often add in a piece of content from one of my other platforms. This highlights to my audience I have more great content out there. See below…

7. Create a Facebook group

It’s one thing having an Author Facebook page but if you can manage to grow a Facebook group the rewards can be incredible. At the beginning you create the content and instigate debate but as your group grows they begin to take control. This is a fabulous place to promote your books with people who know, like and trust you.

8. Offer a freebie

Give away a chapter of your book through your Social Media, create an activity pack or even give away the first book in a series to your fans. It’s a great incentive for your followers to join your email list and carry on supporting you. If you’re giving away lots of value then you’ll definitely soon build up a loyal following.

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