Book marketing for self published authors: the truth

Book Marketing for self published authors

With all the freedom you gain as a self published author you also gain a huge amount of responsibility as a result of it. Book marketing for self published authors can be a minefield, especially as you don’t get the support and guidance you would from a traditional publisher. However, don’t panic I’m here to guide you and give you a huge list of free activities you can use to market your book(s). All you need to do is try one or two each week and you’ll soon see some amazing results.

  1. Look out for podcast opportunities.
  2. Create a press pack.
  3. Search out free places to list your book release.
  4. Create a free promotion on Amazon.
  5. Contact the local newspapers.
  6. Write a guest blog article for another website.
  7. Create a blog of your own.
  8. Showcase a review on your social media channels.
  9. Host a live broadcast.
  10. Master your elevator pitch.
  11. Create some graphics on Canva to promote your book.
  12. Join readers groups on Facebook and get involved.
  13. Launch a newsletter.
  14. Create a freebie to entice subscribers.
  15. Promote your other books in the back matter of a book.
  16. Launch a giveaway.
  17. Start a Facebook group.
  18. Pin a link to your book to the top of your Facebook profile.
  19. Pin a link to your book to the top of your Twitter profile.
  20. Add a link in bio to your book on your Instagram page.
  21. Plan a blog tour.
  22. Collaborate with other authors.
  23. Create a Goodreads author page and ‘claim’ your book title(s).
  24. Set up Google Alerts and include your name and the name of your books. So you’ll be notified anytime they are mentioned.
  25. Create an Amazon authors page with links to all your social media profiles.
  26. Optimise your Amazon books blurb using HTML.
  27. Do a reading at your local library.

Book Marketing for self published authors doesn’t need to be complex, as you can see from the examples above. Sure there are loads of fancy and complex ways to market your books and yes over time you can add these to your repertoire. But first do the easy stuff well and you’ll see incremental increases in your book sales. Oh and one last thing, if you want weekly tips and tricks to market your books, straight into your inbox weekly then sign up to my newsletter below.

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Andy is a best selling, award winning, children's author turned digital marketer. His expertise in book marketing is well sought after, he now helps authors to become best sellers too.

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