5 amazing book promotion ideas for self publishing authors

Book promotion ideas

Book Promotion ideas: An Introduction

Writing a book can seem like the difficult part until you realise you’re going to have to market your book to get it in front of the right readers. The task can seem overwhelming at first, especially to the less business minded writers. Don’t panic though, try these fantastic book promotion ideas to revive a dead book or help launch a new one. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Create a website

This may sound like simple advice but you can create a bog standard boring website with a bio, books and contact tab and readers will click on and come off it 10 seconds later. But, if you think outside the box and give people an exciting reason to visit your site then it will work wonders.

Website book promotion ideas

Add a promotions and competition tab to your site and always have a contest running, give your potential readers a reason to come back time and time again.

Giveaway a chapter of your book in exchange for an email address, think outside the box and offer other amazing freebies.

Create a blog, this is an amazing way to keep your site fresh and exciting. If done correctly using searchable keywords you can get your articles to rank on google and give you free traffic to your site.

I’ve written a comprehensive article here on how to make your author website stand out here.

2. Guest blogging

If you haven’t got your own blog then there is no reason why you can’t write an article for someone else’s website. There are loads of paid opportunities out there and I’d highly recommend free blogging too. Most sites will allow you to add links to your website and books so you can find and capture a new audience.

There are many writers out there that use guest blogging as their one and only book marketing strategy and make a career from it. You’re a writer aren’t you? Then why wouldn’t you rustle up some articles to take advantage of this.

3. Podcast appearances

Podcasts are an ever growing medium, which show no sign of slowing up. There has been an emergence in podcasts specifically for writers over the last few years, so this is the perfect opportunity for your author business.

Research some relevant podcasts, have a listen and if it sounds like something you’d like to feature on then make an approach. Most podcasters are continually on the look out for guests so get involved. You can even use the appearances as great promotional material later on too.

4. Email Marketing

This is something I have a huge passion for, with good reason. It’s the most effective form of marketing, demands your audiences undivided attention and is proven to be the highest converting book promotion idea.

If you haven’t already done so, start building an email list today. And if you need help I’ve already written a super handy article to help you on your way.

5. Amazon Advertising

If you’re selling your books on Amazon then it is a no brainer to advertise on Amazon too. Think about it like this, your ideal reader is on Amazon searching through similar books to yours. You can serve an advert on their book page and get them to buy your book too. This is an amazing book promotion idea and only costs you money when they click on the link to your book. If you want to know more about Amazon ads, yes you guessed it, I’ve written an article on that too.

Conclusion book promotion ideas

Book promotion ideas don’t need to be difficult they just need to be creative. Think of the things that would entice you as a reader and use your creativity to brainstorm more. An hour spent brainstorming unique ideas will serve you well in the long-term.

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