Book Marketing Resources

You wanted a comprehensive range of resources for your book marketing?

Well you’ve come to the right page. This page is updated week by week, so keep checking in to find fantastic new content.

I’m constantly developing more training videos, cheat sheets, hacks and a catalogue of links to other amazing webpages.

Please be mindful that some of these links are affiliate links and as a result I get a small fee if you sign up to any of the apps. But I would never recommend anything I don’t wholeheartedly believe in!


If you have no experience of design tools and want to make professional looking artwork for social media then Canva is for you. In fact I’d highly recommend Canva for everyone. I use it for nearly all my posts, for £9.99 a month, this is a no brainer.

Story Origin

If you’re looking to build your E-mail list, boost your sales and page reads then StoryOrigin is essential. I managed to build my list to 3000 subscribers using this fantastic platform and there is no reason why you can’t too. Not only is it a comprehensive Marketing platform, you can also track your wordcounts on W.I.P.

My YouTube channel

Follow my free step by step guide, which will show you how to set up profitable Amazon Ads, quickly and effectively. I also have some fantastic videos on Author mailing lists and tips to rank a blog on page one of google. Click on the link and subscribe to my channel now.

Book Brush

If you need a user friendly way to make book ads, banners, A Plus content for Amazon and other art for social media, without any prior design experience then BookBrush is for you!

Publisher Rocket

In my opinion Publisher Rocket is an essential way to find categories for your books on Amazon and keywords if you’re running Amazon adverts. Once you’ve paid for a lifetime membership you’ll have it forever.

Book funnel

Book funnel is a very similar set up to Story Origin. As well as all the newsletter building tools you also get incredible ways of delivering books to reviewers safely and securely. And also access to links for your books. I’d highly recommend it!