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Discover Andy Slinger’s hilarious children’s book The Super Twins.

From the Super Twin series, the ultimate books for twins of any age.

The Super Twins by Andy Slinger is the story of two brothers who are dealing with the loss of their mother when a freak accident gives them superpowers. Ryan and Jake have had it hard, but they can use their abilities to do a lot of good. Of course with superheroes, there must be a bad guy for them to face and Ryan and Jake are in for the fight of their lives. But they have each other’s backs and together they can do anything. A fun, fast story that is easy to read and leads to a surprising conclusion.

Reviewed By Samantha Gregory for Readers’ Favorite

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Ryan and Jake suffer a heart-breaking tragedy, their world is falling apart at the seams. One disaster leads to another until a freak incident transforms them beyond their wildest imagination, giving the identical twins incredible Superpowers.

But this isn’t the only change in the sleepy town of Trincaster, a series of crimes leave the local police baffled. Can the vegetable hating duo discover who the mysterious villain behind the incidents is and defeat them in the ultimate battle?

The Super Twins is the debut children’s book in the heart warming Super twin series, the perfect books for twins.

If you like, action-packed fight scenes, side-splitting humour, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then you’ll love Andy Slinger’s hilariously entertaining first instalment.

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Why have one Super Twins book when you can have two?

Since the infamous Battle of Wheatsheaf Hill, Ryan and Jake have become local celebrities. The people of Trincaster are to honour the Super Twins’ bravery by erecting a statue of them at their annual Fast Food Festival.

But not everyone wants to join in with the festivities. A dark force is lurking in the shadows intent on destroying all the fun.

Can the Super Twins stop the return of Evil Dad and save their town (again) from total destruction? 

The Super Twins 2 can be read as part of the series or as a stand-alone book. If you like action, adventure and comedy capers then you’ll love Andy Slinger’s hilarious second instalment: a laugh-out-loud book for kids aged 7 to 12…

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